Our Story - Victorian Toy Shop

Matthew Borne, of the Victorian Toy Shop

Matthew began his wood sculpting career in the Pacific Northwest and is a former member of the Western Woodcarvers Association and Woodsculptors Northwest. His work has been displayed at the Clackamas County Historical Museum and the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon. He is also a member of the Guild of Rocking Horse Makers, York, England.

He now lives in the Endless Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.

Stephanie Veto, a local journalist, did a video interview with Matthew in April 2009.

It all began at the age of twelve with my first pocket knife, a cherished gift from my grandfather. I spent a lot of time whittling away on any old stick without really making anything. In my mid twenties I took a job at a local cabinet shop and rediscovered my love of working with wood. My children were very young at the time and as a gift to them I set out to make a simple rocking horse. The children loved it, but I was disappointed with my results. Ten years later I am still trying to improve my skills and my rocking horses.

Rocking horses have been made to amuse children for centuries, and many fine examples still exist for us to study and appreciate today. My own research also led me to the great carousel carvers of the late 1800's - early 1900's who also carved horses to be ridden and enjoyed by children. With these great examples to study and follow I have set a goal of making the absolute finest rocking horses that I can produce using the highest quality materials.

I hope you enjoy them,
     Matthew Borne